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Heather Greer: Chicago, Gangsters, 1920s, a Giveaway & More

I’m happy to host my author friend, Heather Greer, today. I hope you’ll enjoy learning about Heather and her Historical Romance novel Window of Opportunity, Book One in the Stained Glass Legacy series published through Scrivenings Press.

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Welcome, Heather! Tell everyone a little about yourself and your family.

I’m a pastor’s kid and a preacher’s wife from southern Illinois. I’ve always lived here. In fact, I live less than two miles from where I lived growing up. I have four grown children and three grandchildren who I adore, but I don’t go by grandma. I’m a Gigi. 

It’s great that you love where you grew up so much you stayed. And grandparenting is the best, isn’t it? Do you have any hobbies? Have you incorporated any of them into your books?

I have a lot of hobbies. I read Christian fiction in any genre. I like to make cards and any other craft that catches my eye. I love to bake. So far, baking has ended up in nearly all my books. Whether it’s a main part of the story, as it is in my first series Cake That! and my novellas, or just a side note in a scene, as it is Love in the Squared Circle and Window of Opportunity, I try to at least have someone bake something in each book. For me, it’s a way I can share my other creative love with those reading my stories. 

I can relate to reading and crafting. I’m not much of a baker, but I’m happy to sample what you make. LOL What genre do you write and what inspired you to write that particular genre? 

It’s funny because this recently changed. I always introduced myself as a writer of contemporary Christian romance, and I am. But now that my first historical romance has released, I can’t claim that’s all I am. And in October, I’ll have a Christmas-themed devotional out. 

I need to come up with a different introduction. Maybe I’ll simply say I’m an author of Christian fiction and nonfiction.

As for why, instead of why the small genre, I’ll answer for why Christian fiction. I know throughout my life, writers of Christian fiction, in whatever genre they wrote, challenged and grew my faith. I found strength and encouragement to live more like Jesus in the pages of their fictional stories.

I want others to find those same things when they read my stories. I pray God uses each story I write to bring truth and hope and strength to those reading it. 

Amen! That’s my desire, too. Is Window of Opportunity inspired by true events or personal history? 

Brendan and Evangeline’s story is completely fictional. I set it against the backdrop of real events and people of the 1920s in the Marion/Harrisburg, Illinois area. I heavily researched the people and events of the time, because I wanted to ensure readers came away with not simply facts about the time period but also the feel of the time. 

It would be easy to include a gangster and say he was bad. But in my research, I found the people and events were more complicated than black and white. Even Brendan and Evangeline, who are completely fictional, weren’t completely black and white. 

I worked hard to stay true to that while writing. How else could I have a budding romance between a judge’s daughter and a gangster’s son? 

After recently hosting a 1920s Murder Mystery Dinner party where one of my best friend’s played the gangster, your story intrigues me, especially the hero and heroine’s opposite backgrounds. 

Which character in Window of Opportunity was easiest for you to write and why? Which character presented the biggest challenge?

Honestly, I loved writing each one. Uncle Patrick was not only easy to write, he was so much fun. I think everyone needs an Uncle Patrick in their life. The biggest challenge was probably Dot or James or both. They’re completely different than Brendan and Evangeline, but they couldn’t be flat characters. And even with their negative traits, they still needed to have relatable traits that readers could understand and even sympathize with. 

What is one of your favorite quotes from Window of Opportunity?

There are so many. Uncle Patrick and his Irish sayings are one of my favorite parts of the story. And the Uncle Patrick original sayings are just as fun. “Sometimes an angry word disguises a caring heart.” 

I’ll let you read to find out if that one is Patrick’s or not. But it speaks back to the idea of things not always being black and white. There is often more going on in situations and people than what we see on the surface. 

Absolutely. We never know a person’s backstory and the reasons they act a certain way. If you wrote in a different genre than your current one, which would you choose and why? 

Seeing as I’ve written in both contemporary and historical, I’m definitely not opposed to branching out! In fact, the genre I would love to write in is the fantasy genre. I love a great fantasy story. Creating whole worlds and histories sounds like so much fun. And there is so much room for play in writing a fantasy story. Nothing is set in stone until you, as the author, decide it is that way. It’s your imagination set free on the page. 

That’s a great way to look at fantasy writing. I’d love to know if a reader has ever blessed your socks off?

Every time a reader reaches out to me, it blesses my socks off. Whether it’s to tell me they read and enjoyed the story or they share how the book impacted them and their faith, I love hearing from them. Just knowing they’ve taken the time to say something to me means more than they will ever know. On hard days, I take out those cards or revisit those emails or messages for encouragement.

Writing and publishing is hard, so every author need that kind of encouragement. Speaking of authors, what are you reading right now?

Currently, I’m reading Lost in Wonderland by Tabitha Bouldin. I loved Madness in Wonderland, and I’ve waited a bit impatiently for this next one to release. Now that it has, I’m trying desperately to get my work done so I can dive into the story and not come up for air until I’ve finished it. 

Heather, it’s been fun learning about your writing and books. Thanks so much for sharing! I wish you Godspeed with all your future endeavors. Keep writing for Him!

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Join the conversation. Do you enjoy reading more than one genre? Which is your favorite? Does Heather’s 1920s story about a gangster’s son and a judge’s daughter pique your interest?

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Window of Opportunity Book cover

Window of Opportunity by Heather Greer

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Faith and duty drive Evangeline Moore to protect her father’s pristine image as a judge in Harrisburg, Illinois. Her resolve’s biggest test? Dot, her childhood friend. With Evangeline beside her, Dot’s desire for the Roaring Twenties’ glitz and glamor leads the pair into questionable situations.

Born into a Chicago mob family, Brendan Dunne understands duty, but faith puts him at odds with his father’s demands. Even when his brother James’s propensity for trouble lands them in Harrisburg, the truth is undeniable. To their father, the lines he won’t cross mean Brendan will never measure up.

When circumstances push Brendan and Evangeline together, unexpected events create opportunity to break free of family expectations. Will they be brave enough to forge their own path before the window closes on their chance to change?

Heather Greer writes Christian fiction because she believes in the power of a good story. Having been challenged, encouraged, and strengthened in her faith through the stories of her favorite authors, Heather prays God uses her own writing to do the same for others.

Many of her books are located near her hometown in southern Illinois where she is a pastor’s wife, mother of four, and Gigi to three amazing grandkids. When she’s not writing, Heather enjoys reading, crafting, and baking. 

Connect with Heather: Website & Blog / Pinterest / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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  • Paula Shreckhise

    That book sounds intriguing.
    My hobbies are sewing and crafting with my friends at church. We raise money for charity.
    My favorite CF genres are historical and suspense.

    • Deena Adams

      Hi, Paula. I used to sew a little and loved doing crafts. I haven’t had much time for hobbies since I started writing, but I love creating stories! I love that your church ladies do it together to raise money for charity!

    • Heather Greer

      I just started a Craft and Chat monthly group at our church. We’re just doing it for the fun and fellowship, but I love the idea of incorporating charity into the crafting time. I’ll have to look into that for at least some of our meetings.

  • Lual Krautter

    Would love to win a print copy, as this book looks so good! I mostly enjoy reading CF Romantic Suspense, and a few other genres, like CF WWII, medical and lawyers stories. Thanks for the opportunity to enter a giveaway! God bless!

  • Regina Merrick

    Hi!! Just wanted to pop in and tell everyone to be sure and read “Window of Opportunity!” I would have loved it even had I not been tasked with writing book 2! Lol! Heather, you’ve now proven that you are simply an all-around amazing Christian Author! I approve the title, “Author of Christian fiction and nonfiction!” 🥰

    • Deena Adams

      Hi, Regina. Thanks for adding to the conversation. I’m looking forward to promoting your book in the Stained-Glass Legacy series next Wednesday!

      • Lynn Moore

        Oh…. how true this quote is:
        “Sometimes an angry word disguises a caring heart.” I do hope to tuck this statement away for future use!
        Blessings on your writings! 📚
        Lynn Moore

    • Heather Greer

      Thank you, Regina, for your support of my new title! I never imagined myself writing historical, but God had other plans. Maybe He will again in the future.