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Joseph Posner: Huckleberries, a Tree Named Sherman, & a Giveaway

I’m happy for you to meet UK author Joseph Posner this week and learn about his YA Fantasy novel, A Woodland Tale: Concerning How National Parks Came to Be. I think you’ll find his story concept unique, like no other book you’ve read. He’s offered a copy as a giveaway, so be sure to comment on this post by March 8 for a chance to win.

Due to the sound interruption when Joseph was reading the quote from his book, I’ve added it here so you can enjoy the full beauty of it.

‘The sunsets. Sunsets here are like no others. The orange hue gently fades as the mystic blue night takes over, and at dawn, the hazy dust is peeled back by opaque light and the glorious sun illuminates the entire array of the land’s colors: green trees, clear waters, and fair brown paths. Elsewhere, high passes overlook deep waterfalls that tumble gently like autumn leaves, and spectacular flora, flowers of pink, purple, green, and red, are dotted among creatures’ abodes and commune in wondrous fields.’

Join the conversation. Are you a lover of nature and the outdoors? Do you agree that Joseph’s story sounds unique and interesting? What questions or comments do you have for Joseph?

Be sure to comment by March 8 for a chance to win a copy of Joseph’s book. (Keep scrolling to find the comments section)

A Woodland Tale Book Cover

A Woodland Tale by Joseph Posner

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National parks are places of immeasurable beauty, but before them came something else . . .

Discover the origin of National Parks, through the lives and adventures of some fantastic creatures. The Creative One fashioned Realms that preceded the parks, as formless and without void until they were filled with remarkable life. In one of the Realms, known as Glacier, there is a formidable being known as the Huckleberry King who reigns supreme over his clan of living warrior berries. The Huckles had lived in relative peace, but have long-ranging disputes with the Redwood Trees, concerning the Ancient Manuscripts. 

Throughout, the reader is immersed in a transformative adventure as the Huckles journey through the Realms. The Huckles encounter creatures and scenes that move and inspire in them a love for nature and the outdoors, which ushers them to nurture and care for their world. Eventually, the Huckles and Trees lay aside their disputes, as they are taught love and preservation for creation. This leads to the Realms being changed into National Parks that reflect these principles. As the Huckles do on their journey, so too must we fall in love with preservation of our world, in the way that God intends.

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My name is Joseph and I am an associate pastor from London, United Kingdom. My church is a medium-sized Pentecostal congregation, where we love praise and worship. My background is in youth ministry, and I have regularly preached on Sundays. I have an undergraduate degree (BA) in Theology and Youth Ministry, and am working towards an MTH in Biblical and Theological Studies, from Spurgeon’s College. 

My literary background began at a very young age. I would regularly take part in competitions at school; poetic and story-telling. I qualified well in English language and literature right throughout school up until University, and have recently become a published author in the field of Christian fiction. I like to write unique stories and poetry that reveal God’s creative power and marvellous work. My first novel, entitled ‘ A Woodland Tale: Concerning How National Parks Came to Be,’ was inspired during me and my wife’s travels around America’s beautiful national parks.

Connect with Joseph: Website / Instagram / Goodreads

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