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Sarah Anne Crouch: Spotlight on Love Delivered & a Giveaway

I hope you enjoy this spotlight from Sarah Anne Crouch about her Contemporary Christian Romance novella, Where Love is Planted. This story is part of a four-author collection entitled Love Delivered, and Sarah is offering a digital copy as a giveaway. Comment below by May 30 for your chance to win!

Welcome, Sarah. Thanks so much for sharing on the blog this week!

I often struggle with researching a book. I can visit a library or read articles or watch videos all day. But what gives me terrible anxiety is actually contacting an expert in the field. Why would anyone care about my little book? I’ll just be wasting their time. So I often use ideas from close friends or family members, since I can bug them all I want with my questions.

For example, when my sister was in college, one of the many jobs she had was working for a florist. It was a fun gig, and she’s occasionally used her flower-arranging skills in the years since. But one aspect of the flower shop she didn’t care for was ordering plants for out-of-state funerals. She’d often get phone calls with very little information and then have to conduct extensive detective work to figure out where and when exactly the funeral service would be held.

My dear friend Amy Anguish contacted me a couple years ago about writing a novella collection where each story revolves around some sort of delivery service. She loved the idea of grocery deliveries, but I immediately thought of my sister and flower deliveries. Wouldn’t it be interesting if a florist keeps getting annoying phone calls from a man wanting to send flowers to out-of-state funerals? What if the annoyance eventually turns to love? 

Well, my sister had an even better idea. She told me the out-of-town phone calls work the other way, too. What if a young man was calling long distance to order flowers for a local relative (say, his mom)? And what if he came into the shop when he was visiting for the holidays and sparks flew?

And that was the birth of “Where Love is Planted.” I had so much fun writing Ivy and Grant’s story and reading the three other novellas in our collection. In addition to Amy’s groceries and my flowers, we also have cupcakes from Heather Greer, and packages from Rachel Herod. 

As it turns out, my family recently moved back to our college town, and I live across the street from the very same flower shop where my sister worked all those years ago. So I worked up my courage and picked up the phone. Would they mind terribly if I visited and asked some questions? “Sure, come on over!” was the quick reply. I drove the two minutes to their shop and enjoyed a lovely chat with the young woman working that day. She never made fun of me or rolled her eyes or any of the scenarios my mind had created. 

While that one social interaction didn’t erase all anxiety from my life, it did chip away at my fear of researching. I enjoyed talking to the florist, and the book is that much better because of my efforts.

I love how your story idea came about, Sarah, and this novella collection sounds so good! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks again for sharing. God bless you as you continue to write for His glory.

Comment on @SarahAnneCrouch’s author spotlight by May 30 for a chance to win a digital copy of the four-author novella collection, Love Delivered. #amreading #giveaway #contemporaryromance


Join the conversation. Have you ever had a social interaction you were anxious about? Did it go the way you worried it might, or were you pleasantly surprised? Does Sarah’s novella sound like something you’d enjoy reading? What questions or comments do you have for her?

Be sure to comment below by May 30 for your chance to win a digital copy of the novella collection, Love Delivered, including Sarah’s story, Where Love is Planted.

Love Delivered Book Cover

Love Delivered by Amy R. Anguish, Sarah Anne Crouch, Heather, Greer, and Rachel Herod

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Romance at Register Five (Amy R Anguish) – Mack McDonald isn’t happy about the Grocerease app coming to his grocery store. But he’s committed to the sixty-day trial period, and braces himself to lose money. Kaitlyn Daniels loves how the Grocerease app helps her make ends meet so she can assist her mom, the reason she moved to small Sassafras, AR. Mack and Kaitlyn struggle to overcome differing opinions on the perks of the app. But if they don’t, it could keep them from something even better.

Where Love is Planted (Sarah Anne Crouch) – Ivy Aaronson is surrounded by family at their flower shop in West Texas-just the way she likes it. But she’s given up hope on ever finding a man who understands her choices. When attorney Grant Keller orders flowers for his mother, Ivy wonders if maybe there are indeed some considerate men left in the world until she learns Grant’s relationship with his parents is less than ideal. How can Ivy ever find love when every man she meets puts career over family?

Sweet Delivery (Heather Greer) – After winning Cake That, Will Forrester thinks his Pastry Perfect Baking Dreams have come true. The sweetness fades when a chain bakery moves to town, and Will must adjust his plans to keep his customers. Hiring Erica Gerard is one of those changes. As they work together, Erica challenges Will and offers new ideas to improve the bakery. Soon, Erica and Will start bringing out the best in each other. But Erica harbors a secret, and if it’s discovered, Will might never be the same.

The Mermaids, the Ex and USSS (Rachel Herod) – Braig Sanborn is the most loyal employee the United States Shipping Service has ever seen, which is why he agreed to transfer across the country with only a few weeks’ notice. Ella Morrison is so busy planning a friend’s wedding, she didn’t expect to fall for the carrier who delivers packages to her house. When they both find themselves in too deep, will they agree the relationship was doomed from the start?

Sarah Anne Crouch lives in Arkansas with her husband, three children, and thousands of books. She always wanted to be an author, but spent some time as a teacher, earned a degree in library science, and makes feeble attempts to corral her small children as a stay-at-home mom.

Sarah loves reading books, recipes, piano music, and emails from readers. She is the author of A Summer in Shady Springs, “A Sweet Dream Come True” from the Love in Any Season collection, and “Where Love is Planted” from the Love Delivered collection.

Connect with Sarah: Website / Facebook / Instagram

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  • Kera Bell

    I love to learn about new authors. I’d really like to get this because it has four stories in it.

  • Sharla Lord

    I’ve never really thought about what inspires someone when they write a book but this really drew me in. Maybe because I worked at a florist shop as a delivery driver when in high school?! These sound like nice enjoyable reads that will let me escape the daily stresses in life – can’t wait!

    • Deena Adams

      Hi, Sharla. It’s amazing where inspiration for a novel can come from. Some authors are so creative! How cool that you delivered flowers in high school. I learned something about you I didn’t know. 🙂

  • Traci Winget

    Sounds very interesting! Should change the way I look at deliveries!
    Thank you for your valuable time with 3 kids at home!!!

  • Lynn Moore

    Sarah…. loved reading what inspired you to write Love Delivered. The 4 story collection sounds like such an enjoyable read…. and the catchy cover draws you to it!
    Blessings as you continue to write! 📚
    Lynn Moore