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Hope-filled Fiction

Why Read Hope-filled Fiction?

By Deena Adams

Portions of this post were taken from my Facebook Live Hope Hunt, “Hunting for Hope in Fiction.” Check it out if you’re interested in reading about a cool parallel between Christian fiction and the Bible.

Why I Love Fiction

I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, but once I became a Christ-follower and found Christian novels, oh my goodness, a new love formed.

Not only can I read a great story that whisks me away from my stressful life for a little while, I can enjoy stories with eternal purpose. Stories centered on God replete with redemption, forgiveness, Christ’s love and salvation. 

And yes, hope.

Why I Write Fiction

In my opinion, the term “Paper Missionaries” aptly applies to inspirational fiction authors who write for God’s glory.

In 2018, God grew a desire in my heart to become one of those authors who share His message and inspire others through hope-filled fiction. As I’ve learned more about the publishing industry, I’ve gained a better understanding about how to live out this mission and best serve readers. 

That’s why, with God’s leading, my blog focus moving forward is, “Hope-filled Fiction.” 

Some people may not understand why Christians read and write fiction books rather than nonfiction, thinking that as believers we should be focused on truth. 

Wasn’t Christ a storyteller? 

As you read His interactions in the New Testament, you’ll see He gave illustrations and taught lessons through parables—Fiction stories based on aspects of the culture and relevant issues people faced in a manner they could relate to. 

Fiction is a means of sending a non-threatening message to someone who may balk over a sermon or an in your face nonfiction book, and can break down barriers for them to explore God further.

Why I Share Christian Fiction

Before I started writing novels, I had no idea the time, research, prayer, hard work, and finances involved in publishing a book. Not to mention extreme sacrifice, rejection, rewrites, edits, marketing, and more that authors must go through. It’s overwhelming. 

Yet hundreds and thousands of writers push through and keep writing stories for their readers. They write with the hope to impact lives.

That’s one reason I’m passionate about highlighting God-honoring authors and sharing their work on my blog. 

Why Read Hope-filled Fiction?

  1. To enjoy a Christ-centered escape when we need a break from our stress-filled lives.  
  1. Because fiction communicates God’s love and the theme of redemption and hope in a powerful way that affects people a church, pastor, or nonfiction book may never reach.
  1. To support and encourage writers who create wonderful stories that carry the potential to alter readers’ eternities.

Join the conversation. Are you an avid reader of Christian Fiction? What reason for reading hope-filled fiction would you add to the list? Who is your favorite author? All-time favorite novel? Share in the comments. 

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As a Jesus girl for more than thirty years, Deena Adams understands how important hope is to daily life, which fuels her passion to inspire others through hope-filled fiction based on true to life stories. She is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency and is a multi-award-winning writer, an active ACFW member, and ACFW Virginia president. Connect with Deena through her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  • Cindy Collier

    Reading became my escape as a child. As the oldest child, I discovered books were a great escape from the fighting and verbal abuse occuring in my family. I read as much as possible! As a young married girl (I was 18), I became quickly disillusioned about grown up life. Working, trying to stretch money, to be the perfect wife…well, I turned to books. How to books. They made me weary and I felt totally like I was never going to be enough and then I found Christian fiction. My mind began to expand and my faith was strengthened. I wanted to write myself but overcoming the doubt and fear if failure would take decades. Life has been a journey winding through places of great beauty and places of great sorrow but through it all God’s Word gave me the courage to follow His path. In retrospect, I began to see all my life experiences through His eyes and have made peace. The Bible and Christian fiction lifted me above circumstances that Satan used to destroy me. Through my life, my testimony and through my books I write, I pray someone finds the great love for Christ and hope to persevere. I know I did!

    • Deena Adams

      Thanks for sharing a bit of your story and your heart for the Lord and writing. May He bless your journey as you seek His direction to write for His glory. Thanks for reading and joining the conversation!

  • Teresa+Moyer

    It was very enlightening. It was a required class because in order to witness effectivally to others of other belief systems you need to fully understand what they believe and why they believe what they believe. It was very eye opening for sure.

  • Deena Adams

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve really enjoyed Frank Perreti books. And I read all the Left Behind books years ago and loved them too. I think I may have read one Ted Dekker book but can’t remember for sure. Haven’t heard of the others you mentioned. That’s interesting that you studied cults. I bet that was enlightening!

  • Teresa+Moyer

    I love fiction books! Both Christian fiction and non-Christion fiction. Fiction for me is a great way to escape into another world. It is a stress buster for me. My fav Christion fiction authors are Ted Dekker, Rachelle Dekker, Frank Perretti, Jenkins/Cloud (left behind series) to name a few. My fav non-christion authors are James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Heather Graham, John Saul to name a few. Both Graham and Saul are much darker in their stories delving into a more horror/suspence using some occult themes. But because in Bible college I studied the cults, the occult and all the other world religions as part of my ministry training reading these darker stories is a huge reminder to me how the enemy uses his influence on unbelievers and how they come to believe all that stuff. It is a huge reminder that we do not fight against flesh and blood but against an entire unseen spiritual realm that has a great hold on every unbeliever out there and how easily they are prey to the enemies lies and deceet. But between these 2 forms of fiction I read far more Bible based fiction because my heart and mind are with Jesus.